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Today, Governor Dax Cua joined the Philippine Local Governance Forum's "Festival of Local Excellence." This event, hosted by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Local Government Academy (LGA), celebrates the 32nd anniversary of the Local Government Code of 1991. 
In his address, Governor Cua acknowledged the remarkable progress made over the past three decades but emphasized the need for continuous improvement. He stressed that while the Code was a monumental step forward, it should serve as a foundation for even stronger and more resilient communities. The ever-evolving landscape of our localities demands innovation and adaptability from public servants.

Furthermore, Governor Dax Cua emphasized the need to strengthen decentralization and local autonomy, urging national government partners to trust local governments. He reiterated his belief that "The Future is Local," highlighting that effective local governance involves substantive authority given to LGUs to make decisions that profoundly impact their communities.