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Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) president and Quirino governor Dax Cua emphasized the role of collective action among local governments in fostering growth in the ASEAN.

“I believe that every local government unit, regardless of its size, has the power to make a significant impact on the larger landscape of ASEAN development. While we may be just one piece of the puzzle, together with other provinces and LGUs across the Philippines and the ASEAN Region, we can collectively shape the future of growth and progress. In unity and common purpose, even the smallest sparks can ignite the greatest fires,” said Cua.

Cua was among a number of local administrators who represented the Philippines in the ongoing ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Joining him are Siquijor Gov. Jake Villa, Deputy Secretary-General for Visayas of the Leagues of Provinces of the Philippines and Ralfhee Blake Barrios, Policy Manager of ULAP. The League of Municipalities of the Philippines, represented by Mayor Ben Patron of San Jose, Batangas, and Executive Director Andrea Loriaga, also participated in the forum.

Cua said that their participation demonstrates ULAP's strong commitment to regional cooperation and sustainable development.

The AMF, organized by UCLG ASPAC in collaboration with Jakarta Special Capital Region, aims to address the urgency of post-pandemic economic recovery and tackle regional and global challenges.

Themed "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth”, "Catalysing Regional Growth through Sustainable Development in ASEAN Cities,” the forum focuses on five crucial areas: Inclusive Economic Growth, Digital Transformation, Resilient Cities and Climate Action, SDGs Localisation, and Sustainable Mobility to Accelerate Cities; Net Zero Emissions.

After joining the inaugural opening of the AMF, Cua also served as a panelist in the session "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth," where he shared insights on the opportunities and challenges faced by the Province of Quirino and its contributions to ASEAN's development as an epicenter of growth.

Highlighting Quirino Province's immense potential and possibilities, Cua emphasized the need for infrastructure development, economic diversification, education and skills development, environmental conservation, and social inclusivity to achieve the province's vision of prosperity.

He also spoke about the importance of youth participation across all levels of government. ###