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96The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, represented by Executive Director Czarina Medina-Guce, shared the role and considerations of local governments in creating and scaling shared value initiatives with the private sector, in the “2015 Sharing Value Asia Summit: Delivering Impact with Scale”, held in Singapore on October 1.
In the opening plenary, Executive Director Medina-Guce shared the panel with Chester Twigg (VP Customer Business Development of Procter & Gamble; also the keynote speaker), and key executives from Habitat for Humanity International/Asia-Pacific, CARE Pakistani, and Hewlett Packard, and Swiss Re International. The session was moderated by BBC News presenter and producer Sharanjit Leyl.
In the discussion, ULAP’s experience with advocating Text2Teach for mobile-based education, and the lnnovative Solutions to Open Government Partnership initiative were shared. Executive Director Medina-Guce said that local governments are platforms to make impact happen, being in the frontline of service delivery to communities catered to by shared value programs of the private sector.
She also emphasized that there is an inevitable dimension of politics in implementing and scaling shared value programs. There are local dynamics among stakeholders, and local champions are needed to shape engagement. She added that projects that are sustained in the subnational level are inclusive in processes, and not dole-out in implementation.
Photos are from the official summit gallery: http://sharingvalue.asia/gallery-the-2015-sharingvalueasia-summit/.